Some frequently asked questions:

When should I start learning for my THEORY test?

From the momemt you decide that you would like to start driving! Understanding the theory behind driving is essential. It allows you to focus on your practical driving & you will have a better understanding of how to drive more safely. As a result, you will learn faster, have more confidence, enjoy your lessons, and save money!

What do I have to do for my THEORY?

First understand how you like to learn. Do you prefer books or Apps? All the learning materials are available here, but I strongly recommend you revise each category in turn. Don't just repeat one quiz after another, you may pass the test but you wont have a good understanding. As a driver, you are responsible for understanding the rules of the road, so it is important you make yourself familiar with them. Read and learn the HIGHWAY CODE which is available for you to download from Theory Test Pro. Download the Theory Test Pro app to your pc / smartphone from the THEORY page. You will receive a confirmation email or text message with everything you need to know, and it has all the latest and most up to date Theory Test questions. Plus you can practise Hazard Perception from the many DVD and CGI clips.

How many lessons will I need?

You should be capable of driving within a busy area like a city centre within 10 hours of lessons, & generally, you should be at a driving test standard after about 25-30 hours. The UK national average for passing a PRACTICAL test, is approximately 45 hours with an Approved Driving Instructor, plus an additional 20 hours of private practise with friends & family. Remember, this is only a guideline. Everyone learns differently, and a lot depends on whether you are lucky enough to be able to practise with a friend or family member.

Do you "piggy back" lessons with other pupils?

No. I prefer to give one-to-one tuition so you will have my undivided attention, unless you have specifically asked me if they can accompany you. You are paying for my time and my full attention, so I will never text or talk on the phone either, (which is illegal anyway. I have seen several other instructors doing this - they should know better! - so if you are with an instructor who takes phone calls during your lesson - ask them for a refund, and find yourself a new instructor - pronto!)

What Qualifications do you have?

I'm a currently a fully qualified, Grade B DVSA Approved Driving Instructor. I have been helping pupils learn to drive since 2007. I am also an advanced driver and have completed the Police drivers Road Craft course. I have held a Large Goods Vehicle driving licence for nearly 20 years, and qualified as an E.F.A.D. driver at the same time (Emergency Fire Appliance Driver) which allows me to drive a variety of different types of emergency vehicles on blue lights. I am also a member of the I.A.M. (Institute of Advanced Motorists), and hold the IAM's Blue badge (for advanced driving of Large Goods Vehicles). I can confidently say that NO OTHER DRIVING INSTRUCTOR IN SPELTHORNE, holds the same qualifications as me, and that puts me in an very unique position! It also means you will benefit directly from my wealth of experience!

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